Hooves of Fire is a free, online, virtual horse racing game for PC, Android mobile and IOS.

Real Time Horse Racing and Betting Game

Race your horses online in real time against other players from around the world. Win prestigious Cup races and prize money. Progress your horses from Group 3 to Group 1 by winning races. Select your favourite horses, place your virtual bets and collect your winnings. Climb the leaderboards to become a top Hooves of Fire player!

Breed a Stable of Champion Horses

Breeding horses is part of the game. Put your best stallion out to stud and command a stud fee from other players. Follow your horse’s lineage and use selective breeding to improve your foals. Breed a stable full of your own champion horses to win more races and bigger prize money.

Social Horse Racing Game Online

Chat with other players and become Hooves of Fire friends. Brush and feed your friend's horses to earn game cash, achievements and access to special items to improve your stables and horses. Join Racing Teams to compete for exclusive weekly prizes, including rare horseshoes and saddles!

Free To Play - Multi Platform Horse Racing App

Play your Hooves of Fire: Horse Racing Game account for free on PC, Facebook or Android mobile or tablet, iPhone or iPad. Take your virtual stables with you anywhere by downloading the mobile app.

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